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GPS vs Glonass Vs Galileo - MTB accuracy


After some advice...

So trying to get my head around the different gps recording settings on my garmin watch as I want to find the optimal settings for recording mountain bike rides in the UK (South Wales Valleys Specifically) as accurately as possible.

From what I understand GPS is a US product, Glonass - Russian and Galileo - European. Though they all cover the whole globe I understand they operate more accurately at different latitudes. Galileo apparently better in northern hemisphere...maybe?!

I was wondering if anyone had tested each positioning system on their rides or combination of all 3? On my watch I have gps only, gps+glonass, gps+Galileo settings. Which one would suit mountain biking in the UK best in mountainous regions like wales?

It might be a trial and error job but thought id get some research/opinions first and to see if this has been discussed before.

Any help greatly appreciated

Thanks guys


  • wongataawongataa Posts: 918
    I would use GPS + Glonass. Galileo isn't fully operational yet. The more services you use the faster the battery drain but potentially more accuracy. Try the options and see what happens.
  • larkimlarkim Posts: 2,313
    In reality for what you are doing, it really doesn’t matter. Bog standard GPS without accessing the other services is accurate enough to get you within 3m of your intended location. More services = more battery drain.
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