What is going on with my year old tyres? Disintegrating?

benws1 Posts: 415
I have a Specialized Allez that I have had for exactly a year now.

I was doing some work on the bike earlier and noticed some threads of material coming off the tyres. Upon further inspection, it appears that my tyres and disintegrating. See pictures below. You can just see where the thread is coming off directly above the rim. Looks like a fuzzy line around the tyre.

These tyres on the stock ones that came with the bicycle. They have had light usage since I rode the bike last summer, put it away for winter then got back on it three weeks ago. I don't think it's good that they are shedding the tyre wall material.

Anyhow, is it dangerous to keep riding with the tyres like this (I'm guessing it isn't a good idea) and is it worth pursuing this with the bike shop? Tyres are obviously consumables, but this is the first time I've seen the side wall break up like this.

There is no brake pad interference with the tyre either, I checked that. This issue is happening on both the front and rear tyres.

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