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Helmets for a big noggin??

I've had a Kask K50 Evo for the past few years which didn't look too bad on me, but they're discontinued. The Mojito is just slightly too 'mushroomy' for my liking and a bit tighter around the jaw so I'm looking for something a bit more comfortable for my 60cm swede.

Any suggestions?


  • wongataawongataa Posts: 998
    You will really have to try several on as different helmets fit different shaped heads.
  • mrb123mrb123 Posts: 4,214
    Large size Protone?
  • ibr17xviiibr17xvii Posts: 1,055
    I have an Oakley ARO3 in Large & I think I have a big head.

    There seems plenty of room in it.

    I had a Giro before that, can't remember what model, there was loads of room in that as well.
  • akhakh Posts: 198
    My head is about the same circumference as yours but I doubt the same shape. I didn't like the Kask helmets I tried. MET Rivale fits me great but their Manta doesn't, so individual models matter not just brand.

    It might not happen this year, but the cycle show or a similar event is definitely worth it for something like this. You'll try more brands and models in a few hours than you could visiting shops all weekend.
  • tonysjtonysj Posts: 391
    I have a big head 63cm and find there aren't many helmets that fit me, in fact I only found 1 that would from a local bike shop. I ended up with the Kask Mojito x in white, couldnt find one online pre lockdown so Ihad to buy that. Had a Bell XL but not sure of the model, it was from Halfords.

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