New bottom bracket advice

So I have an old (but immaculate) 2012 Boardman comp HT which i was riding up until a year or 2 ago. I want to start riding again and on checking the bike over and sorting the brakes etc all is fine. I had previously upgraded brakes, shifters and mech.

When i got the bike it had the dreaded FSA bottom bracket and Halfords bike team issues. The bottom bracket isnt crunching yet but does flex a fair amount (notice it more now than i used too). I would really appreciate advice on what to replace it with. I dont want to spend loads on a new bike so can i replace the bottom bracket and crank? maybe for a 2x?

I have x9 shifters and rear mech and an x5 front mech so wondered if i could use this with limit screws as a 2x?

Either way any direction on what to get (not too expensive) would be appreciated. I know some of the older kit has good discounts on CRC etc, if only i knew what i needed. I guess as a minimum a new better bottom bracket and crank set.

thanks in advance...