Happy New (to me) Bike Day

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I've been looking for a mountain bike on and off for a while and had fond memories of a Saracen Kili Comp which I bought in 1994/5. After looking at different directions in which I could go from buying retro, buying new, refurbishing/converting a retro bike I ended up with the bike in the photos below.

What is it? Don't really know but the guy I got it from described it at as an 853, unbranded demonstration model which was made in Taiwan by a company called Orro Ora. It says Fat Chance on the frame but the guy said he owns the brand name! The bike has seen very little use, just stored for a few years, reckoned less than 12 hours use. After I paid for it he told me that he couldn't say for definite but believed it to come from where Cotic's are made).

The very pingy frame has got a small dent on the top tube which really doesn't bother me. It is full (2011 XT, Fox Float 32 forks), it will definitely suit my riding and first impressions are excellent. I'm surprised at how light it feels, it says come on ride me when I get on (I've had bikes in the past that say do we really have to!) and it has that energetic whip in the tail that I was looking for.

Very happy:-)


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    That looks like a steel-framed bike (small dia tubes), so maybe it is a Cotic. It is interesting that he described it as "an 853". Good steel-framed bikes are made from Reynolds 853 tubing, where 853 refers to the grade of steel.

    You may have got yourself a good bike there!

    PS: You have just deep-mined my knowledge on this topic.
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    Cheers Steve.

    For the money I think I got a good deal.

    The frame is probably near enough worthless in monetary terms as it's unbranded with a dent but my only intention is to ride it and a good riding frame is a good riding frame, regardless of name and the dent has no negative effect at all. Great XC bike: )
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    Orro is a British company based in Burgess Hill in Sussex. They produce road and gravel bikes mainly. I don't think they have ever made a mountain bike.
    Fat Chance were an American bike company that operated in the 90's and early 2000's. The company was resurrected a couple of years ago and are back in business making steel mountain, cx and road bikes.

    I'm not sure what you have got there, @s1mples, but it looks decent enough with good kit on it and the name suggests the frame is constructed from Reynolds 853 tubing.
    Ride it and enjoy it.
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    Ah thanks JBA. It looks like it was Ora not Orro!


  • That second picture is the memorial plaque at the transmitting station on top of Winter Hill. (Just showing off local knowledge!!!)