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Conversion 3x to 2x Setup

Hi Guys,

I've just Registered after getting my first mtb, well a hand me down really a 2012 Cube Acid it tip top condition.

it currently runs on the standard 30 Speed gears, with the following Shimano setup:

Shimano Deore FD-M590 Top Swing 34,9mm, 10-speed
Shimano Deore XT M786 Shadow+ Rear Derailleur 10-speed
Shimano Deore SL-M591 Rapidfire-Plus, 10-speed

I have found I don't like having so many gears and want to drop the gears down to a 2x setup, eventually I may go with a 1x setup.

My question is, how easy will it be and parts if any will I require?

Thanks in advance,


  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,226
    Going to 2x from 3x is dead easy, just alter the adjustment screw on your front mech and voila!, you have 2x. You choose whether you want to lose the small ring or the big one.

    Of course you will not have the range of gears you used to have, so you may want to replace the two rings you have on the front with two more widely spaced ones to restore some of your range.
    When I first went 2x, I replaced all three rings. I put a bigger gap between the small and middle and fitted a bash ring in place of the third ring. I didn't have to do anything else apart from adjust the front mech and the chain length.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    There is little point doing what you suggest, just don't use the big ring at the front and it's a 2x.....
    Really only any point doing it if you go 1x.
  • dooliedoolie Posts: 41
    I have the same bike from your description. You've also got a BSA threaded square taper BB? Not sure I'd bother to be honest, unless (as has already been said) you want to go 1x. And if you go 1x, you may need to switch out the BB, which granted isn't a lot of work but may need to then consider bigger cassette and capacity of the mech
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