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Advice Required

Now aged 64 and in the need of getting healthier. In good health at present but a few pounds need to be shifted around the waist area so looking to get back into cycling and be able to get out with the Grandkids. Spent 35yrs sat on my backside driving Tankers!

The bikes I am looking at are:
Cannondale Trial 6,
Calibre Two Cubed,
Rockrider ST520,
Rockrider ST530

I know there's a mixture of how many gears, mechanical discs and hydraulic discs etc but in reality has this got any real importance as I definitely won't be doing jumps or tearing around bike circuits trying to break the land speed record. All I'll be using it for is casual riding around the Forest tracks with some gradients, not a lot of road use.

The Cannondale is my max budget but would I really need this bike for the rides I'll be doing? As you can gather, I haven't got a clue what's a good or bad spec bike, hence why I'm after some help.
Thanks in anticipation.



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