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Giro Hex helmet similar to newer versions?

Hi, I seem to have a strange shaped head (lump at back of top of head maybe) and have only ever found the Giro Hex to be comfortable, however this has been discontinued.
Are the newer Giro helmets a similar shape to the Hex do you know?



  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,226
    I read somewhere that each helmet company uses a last (head shape) unique to them. Obviously they have different last for each size, but the general shape will be the same. That was why I always found MET helmets fitted me well, whichever model I bought. Over the years I have bought many MET helmets, ranging from different models of XC helmet, two different types of Trail helmet and two different types of full face helmet. All fitted well.
    Maybe you will have the same experience with Giro, but it's not something I can guarantee of course.

    Incidentally, after years of only buying MET, I tried on the Bell Super and liked it so much I bought one (that's the one I'm wearing in my signature picture). I'm on my second one now.

    Why so many helmets? I have broken every single one except the two I have now.
  • Yes, I am hoping that they are all a similar fit. Obviously I go to a shop and try them on at the moment!

    The one I have currently (Hex) is quite an old model so I don’t know if they are still a similar shape.
  • hucking_fellhucking_fell Posts: 1,056
    I had 2 Giro Hexes that fitted me well. The replacement for the 2nd Hex was a Giro Phase. This also fits me well. All large size. Hope that helps.
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