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Wheel width advice.

Changing my old Mavic Kysrium wheelset and looking to replace with a carbon set.
The Mavic are fairly narrow and run with 23mm tyres. I’m buying a wheelset that are 25mm wide externally and was hoping to run 25s on them.
However,I’ve just tried a pair of Giant SLR 1s on the bike and they are only 23mm wide. Had to release the brake cable to get them past the callipers but the 25mm tyres that are on leave very little clearance.
Wondering whether to just sell the bike as it’s an older model and buy something more modern with wider clearances. For information,it’s an Italian Casati!
Any thoughts as to 25s would work?


  • zest28zest28 Posts: 403
    I would go for a modern disc brake bike.

    Running 28mm/30mm or even 32mm is awesome.

    Only for racing, I would switch to 25mm.
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