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What is the black and oily stuff at the front of my fork?

UjeanUjean Posts: 1
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Hey guys,

I bought a road bike (BMC Roadmachine) at the beginning of 2019, road it 30 times or so and let it rest for the colder months in my flat (6 months). Beginning April i wanted to ride again and discovered something strange, black oily stuff on front fork where I cannot explain how it could gotten there, its not mold. After wishing it away I came back after 2-3 rides (total 80km). What could that be? I have hydraulic brakes and it's a carbon fibre frame. Also during the last ride before storing it away, I didn't see a pump at high speed, and the force was enough to shift the angle of my drop-bars by a bit down, but i observed no other damages.

Front closeup
After cleaning and Riding again


  • The black is dirt stuck to headset grease which has seeped out. Quite normal.
  • lesfirthlesfirth Posts: 1,356
    It is evidence that you do clean and polish your bike often enough,if at all. :)
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