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What's your go to clothing and accessories brands for riding?

Are you one brand loyal or other?



  • fiverearsfiverears Posts: 38
    I think I must have spent hours on the net searching, I got excited when I found Chapeau

    I also like Castelli gear, but I go a size up in them as they tend to be on the smal;l size;.
    I don't have ££ to spend on gear so I like the sales
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,195
    Not loyal to any brand, however I like the funkier range and it actually fits normal shaped people unlike some brands
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  • fatted864fatted864 Posts: 53
    Castelli tops Assos bottoms.
  • mrb123mrb123 Posts: 2,580
    Pactimo for shorts and tights. They just work for me. They also do some nice accessories.

    Rapha jerseys probably the best I've tried. Torm also good for slightly more relaxed tops.
  • diamonddogdiamonddog Posts: 3,368
    No particular brand for jerseys if it fits well and looks good I buy it, for bibs I go for Santini as they do the right sizes for me and are comfy.
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    DHB - sizing is accurate for me - good value and good quality. I find Castelli sizes all over the place.
  • LongshotLongshot Posts: 935
    Whoever is kind enough to do clothing in a size big enough to fit me.
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  • raymondo60raymondo60 Posts: 735
    Rapha - not cheap and does have a bit of a 'snob' reputation among some elements of the cycling community , but my first Classic short-sleeve Jersey lasted 10 years of hard wear before it need replacing, which represents great value in my eyes.

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  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,333
    Rapha for when it's nice out, Castelli for when it's not, and a couple of pairs of Assos shorts for the turbo or MTB because they're short enough to look like hot pants on me.
  • paulbnixpaulbnix Posts: 475
    Castelli for tops one size up.
    Decathlon for bibs.
  • carl845carl845 Posts: 1
    Totally Pactimo for me. Great quality kit and it fits so i know exactly what size to order hence i stick with them now.
  • dowtchadowtcha Posts: 426
    bibs lapassione
    Jerseys Lapassione, Rapha
    baselayer Brynje of Norway, Rapha
    Gilets Rapha lightweight or insulated
    Shoes Giro
    Helmet Giro
    Gloves Rapha
    Socks match jersey.

  • joe2019joe2019 Posts: 667
    edited 16 April
    Sidi shoes.
    Kask helmet.
    Craft base layer.
    GripGrab winter gloves.
    Sealskin waterproof socks.
    Assos everything else.
  • daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 8,643
    edited 17 April
    I have tried most over the last 14 years.

    Gore, Mavic and Assos do not work for my shape / build.

    For jackets I love Castelli, they just seem to fit me just right, and are generally decent quality, though I had to repair my Espresso jacket after just one ride.

    I also like them for Bib shorts and tights, as long as the progetto x2 pad is involved, the kiss pad does not agree with me.

    Other bib makes / models I like:
    La Passione Classic
    Rapha Pro Race II
    Rapha lightweight
    Lusso DRS
    Fizik R3
    Giordana FRC
    Endura FS260 (long leg)

    Other makes I like a lot.
    Jersey wise, Ale are for me a clear number 1, they fit me so well, love the quality, and the colour schemes.
    A close second would be dotout, really top quality imho, stumbled on them last year at crc, both Italian brands I think.

    7 mesh are worth a look, high quality, and unless you get lucky in a sale, high price, so well made though.
    The Oro shakedry jacket is a masterpiece.

    Base layers, I like the mesh ones usually, and that means Morvelo / Ale / castelli ones which I find superior to Rapha.
    Winter, I can't beat the Rapha merino roll neck base layer, it's toasty warm.
    Nod to the Rapha winter cap as well.
    Also get on well with Rapha gilets.

    Warmers, knee / arm etc, like Gore, Morvelo above others.
    Buffs, Cycology are well worth a look, and for warmers and caps too.

    Caps: Rapha, Mavic , Cycology.

    Mitt wise, currently wedded to a few pairs from Giro of differing levels of padding, though had to sew a pair up after one ride which was not ideal.

    Winter Glove wise, Giordana nordic gloves are immense, windproof, warm, but loads of feel remaining.

    Socks! The gripgrab lightweight sl socks are the best quality and most comfy socks I have ever worn.
    Reviews say they go large, and for my size 44, medium was perfect.

    Winter socks - either the Planet X winter socks, forget the name, but they come in those flanders colour scheme.
    Either that, or some Castelli winter ones, sorry forget the model.

    Shoes: Mavic are right up there, as are Scott, and Fizik are pretty tasty too.
    Used to ride Diadora, but realised the fit (for me) is not quite right.

    Helmets: I was a total Lazer nut for several years (And i still they are mahoosively underrated), but have now migrated across to Scott, really liking both the cadence aero lid , and the more generic centric helmet, both mips.
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  • darrell1967darrell1967 Posts: 217
    Planet X
    Some eBay summer jerseys
    Ski socks in the winter
    Specialized or Shimano shoes
  • StillGoingStillGoing Posts: 5,207
    Castelli off the peg and Champion System club kit.
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  • Ben6899Ben6899 Posts: 7,567
    Rapha and Assos - it's nice quality and fits me well. If you find a brind that's cut right for you, then you've cracked it.

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  • brenr6brenr6 Posts: 14
    Assos particularly for winter nothing comes close, Cafe Du Cycliste but not until April and beyond and that goes for their winter stuff too. Their Audax range is great as lots of pockets
  • crescentcrescent Posts: 1,087
    Endura for pretty much everything. Longevity, comfort, fit and price - all boxes ticked for me. Gore are a close second.
    Castelli is the "Emperor's new clothes" as far as I am concerned. Inconsistent fit and dubious quality in my experience despite many cyclists loving it. Never had so many items of clothing fail so quickly - gloves, overshoes, jerseys, stitching just seems to come adrift for some reason.
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  • carbonclemcarbonclem Posts: 901
    Le Col stuff is decent
  • def_defyrdef_defyr Posts: 77
    Gore bibs and outerwear, can't beat the price/value IMO and fit is perfect for me. Pedaled jerseys (if they fit, exceptionally well designed).

    Assos summer gloves -- they're kind of expensive, but the padding / mesh arrangement is very well thought out.

    Specialized Body Geometry shoes are what I'm using now and am pretty happy with them. DMT were my old go to but the price has migrated beyond my budget.

    I have a drawerful of random socks that my kids give me for birthdays, but GripGrab are my favorite, especially their winter merino and basic hi-vis ones. (I'm a convert to hi-vis socks as I've read that they're really visible to drivers). DeFeet make some great merino socks.

  • step83step83 Posts: 3,866
    Galiber do some very nice bits
  • ibr17xviiibr17xvii Posts: 373
    Castelli would be the stuff I have the most of but I very very rarely pay full price, I usually try to pick stuff up out of season and / or in the sales.
  • 964cup964cup Posts: 1,359
    Castelli for proper cycling; occasional forays into Rapha, especially Brevet.
    Rapha for casual wear (in fact I wear a lot of Rapha city collection off the bike)
    Helmet, mitts and shoes by Giro; winter gloves by Rapha
    Socks by Giro or Mavic in summer, DeFeet or PlanetX merino in winter
    Casquettes by everyone. I like casquettes; quite fond of classic team colours.

    I've also got a lot of merino tops by Jura and Fox Williams which make for good spring/autumn road wear and of course just general clothing.
  • yellowv2yellowv2 Posts: 236
    Assos for shorts, although I use Castelli winter tights (Sorpasso), various jerseys from Castelli, Mavic, Morvelo, Santini and Torm Merino. Socks various from Castelli, Prendas, Sportful, Mavic. Winter jackets Castelli, Assos and Sportful. Shoes Mavic.
    So not one particular brand.
  • rwooferrwoofer Posts: 107
    At 6'6" and 90kg (ie slim for height) I really struggle with most brands, but Gore Tops and Sportful Shorts/Tights work best for me.
  • rik.j.raynerrik.j.rayner Posts: 12
    edited 6 May
    Almost exclusively Primal for my jerseys - lots of rock band stuff like AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Metallica which I rather like!
    Shorts are mostly Le Col, with a smattering of Bergamo and a couple of pairs of Primal.
    Gore C7 jacket was a fantastic purchase too - would be hard pressed to ride in anything other than that now.
    Lots of Sock Guy, DeFeet and GCN socks!
  • bigmitch41bigmitch41 Posts: 685
    Castelli with a hint of Rapha, Dhb for work commutes etc
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  • grahamcpgrahamcp Posts: 322
    I really quite like Morvelo for close fitting jerseys, although choice is sometimes limited. Haven't tried their shorts yet but intend to.
  • 50x1150x11 Posts: 272
    Castelli or looking at trying a couple of Le Col jerseys.

    Also have some official Team GB Adidas clothing I was given by a rider, and the base layers are the best I've ever worn. Leggings fit great too.
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