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Praxis M30 and crankset differences

jednorukybikerjednorukybiker Posts: 2
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Probably kinda newbie question. But could someone explain to me in general differences between crankset models?
Not asking about compacts and semi-compacts and stuff like that.
I recently came across Praxisworks Alba M30 and was wondering. It weights virtually the same as Shimano 105 crankset of the same size but the R7000 I could get for around 120 USD whereas the Praxis costs 150 USD. Why is it that much more expensive? What is the difference if not weight? Is it about the spindle width, what are the benefits of different widths?
Thanks for the answers.


  • dannbodgedannbodge Posts: 927
    Praxis uses forged chainrings which are much harder wearing than the shimano ones.
    The crank arms are also forged so are stronger and more expensive to produce, hence the price bump.

    fwiw my Tarmac came with the Praxis Alba chainset and it doesn't shift anywhere as nice as the proper Shimano offering.
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