Go Outdoors. Why take money for new bikes you can't deliver?

Thought I'd give Go Outdoors a try. The Calibre Line 29 looked a good deal with 15% off. But why sell bikes your can't supply? After a 10 day wait and no communication, I got an email saying the order was cancelled and a refund issued as 'we had no stock available when we came to pick your order'.

What a joke. Never again.


  • steve_sordy
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    How irritating for you (and disappointing too!) :/

    Communication: Whenever I buy anything off the 'net, I get a return email order confirmation and a forecast delivery date, sometimes a link to a means of tracking the order. And then it arrives. Occasionally, I'll get interim email telling me the item has been despatched, but only occasionally. Mostly I get no communication between order confirmation and delivery. No communication after order confirmation is normal.

    When a supplier gives you the out of stock message, it is always disappointing.

    But it is not always 100% their fault. Some people put an item in their shopping trolley, but then leave it there without buying, they may be looking for something else, researching the item, having 2nd thoughts, or just gone to the pub! Should the website count this as a sale and reduce their available stock? Maybe for an hour or so, but for how long when other potential buyers are queuing up? Unless the retailer took action, for some low stock items the entire stock could be sat in customer baskets. You come along and buy the item straight away. Whilst you are completing the sale, the shopping trolley hoarders have got in before you and converted to a sale. Bummer! :(

    That happened to me when I bought a full face helmet for my grandson's birthday. It was one of the last few remaining before the new season stock came out. Like you I got the "Dear Steve....all sold out" message. I rang up to express my disappointment and I was promised one when they came back into stock, and after I asked, at the same discount deal. I had to wait a while but I got exactly what I wanted and it was the "new improved" version too! :)

    Sometimes an item is returned faulty and when the stock is checked it too is faulty, all of it! So all the stock has to be removed from sale. That happened to a mech hanger alignment tool I bought that had a piece missing. When I rang up, the person I spoke to went into the warehouse to get one for me and to post it personally. He discovered that they all had the same piece missing. All the time we were talking, and before he could remove the stock from sale, it was being advertised, orders being taken, money paid, and deliveries being promised. Not their fault, but the manufacturer's fault. I swiftly got a refund and bought one elsewhere, although it was £3 more expensive.

    Instead of crying "never again!", it may be worth calling them and asking what can be done. They may surprise you. :)

    PS: For the avoidance of doubt, I have nothing to do with Go Outdoors or Calibre