Alu frame and carbon fork - grease headset bearings or use something else?

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Hello all.

I have a Specialized Allez which has an aluminium frame and carbon fork. Is it ok to use normal grease on the bearings in the headset, or will this damage the carbon fork?

If not, what can be used instead of grease to help seat/cushion the bearings in the aluminium headset to reduce creaking and cracking?

I have read some reports that normal grease can damage carbon and others saying it's fine. Anyone have any ideas?



  • ibr17xvii
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    I’ve always just used normal grease & never had any problems.
  • diamonddog
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    As above never had a problem using normal grease on the headset bearings with a carbon fork.
  • benws1
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    I found some Specialized literature online that said dont grease the carbon steerer. So I took the headset apart again, cleaned up the excess grease I had put in there (which had gone on the steerer), but left the grease that seats the bearings in.