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Canyon delivery times

Pretty cheesed off.

I placed my order of a new road bike with an advertised Shipping date of April 27 - May 1. Seconds after placing an order my order I get an email stating the despatch date is the end of July....three full months later than the date being advertised in my size and model.
I then checked again the same bike in another browser, and saw the bike still being advertised with the April Shipping date. I have since gone back a couple of days later and it's still advertising a shipping date PRIOR to purchase of end of April. Only AFTER making an order this is July.

Still awaiting a response from Canyon. Not v happy


  • ibr17xviiibr17xvii Posts: 373
    This happened to me when I ordered from them a couple of years ago.

    Same as you I obviously wasn't happy but to be fair to Canyon either by luck or judgement it actually ended up being delivered earlier than what they'd said originally by a couple of days despite getting the same email as you.

    Hopefully this works out the same for you.
  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,003
    I had similar last year. Dispatch times kept getting put back and the bike ended up about 6 weeks later than originally advertised. I could have coped with the delay, had Canyon not been so completely indifferent and dismissive about it.
  • surfercyclistsurfercyclist Posts: 891
    Must be a thousand stories like this but I can only speak as I find. I got my Canyon in 2017, ordered and exactly one week later it arrived. Crucial thing is make sure it's in stock before ordering, if not delivery date will be very uncertain.

    Obviously given current COVID-19 lockdown I'd be VERY vary of ordering something from another country.

    Again I've heard numerous stories of difficulty contacting them but when I had a few queries had no issue at all, in fact even call a phone call back from one of the techs there so quite impressed.

    Only slight irk I had was I wanted a longer stem but you can't do that on original order. I had to get bike, then order separate stem then send unwanted one back. At no cost to me but a faff.
  • diamonddogdiamonddog Posts: 3,368
    Had my Canyon a few years now and ordered from ‘stock’ with a bit longer stem than on the site info. It arrived a couple of days early but the stem was not changed, I contacted them and a new one was sent through the post, I was told not to bother sending the other one back so no complaints here.
  • aberdeen_luneaberdeen_lune Posts: 532
    Yes Canyon are a bit flaky with delivery dates. I have tried twice to get a bike from them.

    First time I ordered an Inflite the website indicated a month wait confirmation came back with a delivery date 4 months away. Cancelled order and bought a Cannondale.

    Second time ordered an Ultimate in January this year. Website and confirmation came back with a delivery date of March. Then got an email early March pushing back the delivery by a month. I then ordered a Giant. The next day received an email from Canyon stating my Ultimate was ready for despatch asking for payment. Too late I had to cancel it.

    Anyway I will get a Canyon one day. The good thing is they don’t take the money until it’s ready for despatch so there’s no risk putting in an order.
  • andyracandyrac Posts: 468
    I've had two, separated by 7-8 years, and a massive difference in delivery times, which isn't a surprise. Back in 2011 when I ordered a MTB they were still almost under the radar, so delivery times were quite quick.
    However, last March/April I ordered an AL Grail - it was due for delivery originally early June, which was fine for me. Sadly, I soon received an e-mail delaying it to about late June/early July. Then another delaying to August, then again to mid/late September.....I cancelled and ordered another MTB which arrived early August.

    CyclingTips did a review of the current AL Grail fairly recently, so I went on the Canyon site - and the delivery times for that bike are late June onwards, depending on size.

    Nice bikes, great value for money, just delivery times can be a bit hit & miss, depending on model and size. To be fair, they did keep me informed, and were helpful when I cancelled and ordered a different bike. I'd certainly buy another...
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  • jollygiantjollygiant Posts: 117
    Two years ago my Aeroad took 5 days to arrive, in February this year my Grail took 3 weeks.

    I'm guessing Corona is adding a few weeks everything everywhere.
  • Five years ago my Aeroad was 6 months late, in April my new Aeroad took 5 days
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  • Sutton_RiderSutton_Rider Posts: 436
    The whole canyon setup put me off buying one a couple of years ago. I would at least like to see and sit on a bike before parting with a large wedge. Also their delivery times were a joke. Nice bikes though, shame really.
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