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Fitting Praxis Chainset to Boardman sls 9.0 Frame Bottom Bracket Problems Questions

Hi, any help appreciated,
got a Boardman SLS 9.0 Elite Frameset from around 2014 / 15
Was hoping to fit a Praxis Chainset but hitting a few bottom bracket problems / queries
Fitted at moment is a FSA Press fit BB30 set up, written on bearing and seals are BB30 6806 -2RS MR 149 I assume this would be redundant ?

The Praxis chainset spindle measures [diameter] approx 29.6mm and 30mm stepped near driveside chainrings.

The original would have been a PF3O bottom bracket.

My concerns / questions are I assume I need to remove current FSA Bearings / Seals ?
If so
What would I need to get to fit the Praxis chainset to the Frameset bearing / seal wise ?

Do I need any special tools ?

Can send photos to help show my questions but meanwhile will look into posting as my photobucket not working at moment

I am just concerned I may buy wrong parts as it seems a minefield all the different bottom bracket / sizes set ups nowadays

Sorry a bit long winded and hope it makes sense appreciate any help / advice,
Many thanks, Alan

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