Change chainring on SRAM Rival 1x11

Evening. I have a SRAM Rival 1 x 11, 42T, 11-42 cassette (on a Planet X Full Monty SL if that makes any difference). I want to change the chain ring for a smaller one for my 26 mile round trip commute along the undulating Cornish coast with loaded panniers. So a few queries if that’s ok:

1. Is this possible?
2. Are there non-SRAM rings I can use which are cheaper than the proper jobbies?
3. Do I need to shorten the chain?
4. Do I need special tools? Do I need to remove the crankset?
5. What size ring would really make a difference?
6. Have I missed anything?

Thank you


  • imposter2.0
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    Assuming it's a 110bcd 5-bolt ring, then any other compatible narrow/wide ring will fit. Should be doable with just a set of allen wrenches, and unlikely the chain will need to be shorter.

    In terms of size, that's really up to you. Going to a 38 ought to make a noticable difference, but whether that will be enough of a drop, only you will know..
  • Don't forget to look for a narrow wide replacement chainring, this is required as you have a 1x setup.