BB386 Evo to Shimano Crankset

photonic69 Posts: 2,416
Hi All,

My bike has a BB386 BB and FSA Omega Adventure BB386 EVO, 48/32T crankset. The BB bearings have done odd things and have eaten away at the crank spindle and have worn it down. The bearings appear to turn smoothly when examined though. Odd.

Need to replace it. FSA Omega Adventure BB386 EVO cranksets are silly money. I can't justify it as it is my winter/commuter bike. Would rather have some cheaper Shimano 11 speed crankset like Shimano FC-RS510 which I can get for less than £50.

Is this possible? What do I need to do this? Cost options?

The BB386 obviously has a BB width of 86mm but has internal bearings. The usual Shimano BB have a width of 68mm but outboard bearings. Do these add up to 86mm?

Many thanks

Sometimes. Maybe. Possibly.