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Stop rear cassette from freewheeling

Hi all. I have been into mountain biking for years but only recently got back into it. Currently messing about with an old bike I have and would like to make it so the rear 8 speed cassette doesn’t freewheel. Is this possible and if so, how? I want to keep it as a 1x8 speed set up, but have a ‘fixie’ style ride that doesn’t freewheel.....


  • Charlie_CrokerCharlie_Croker Posts: 1,662
    Hang on, to clarify, you want to keep all 8 gears that you currently have, locking the cassette, right?
    Do you want to keep the derailleur to still change gear? (that’s not gonna work)
    Do you want to shorten the chain to fit one of the gears?
  • You want an 8 speed fixie?????
  • andyleepandyleep Posts: 6
    Hi both. Thanks for your replies. It is just for a project idea that I had while stuck at home! Charlie - I did want to keep the back exactly how it is and still have the 8 cogs, but lock the cassette but as you say this won’t work, the second option would be ok. Frank - yes, but I’ve never tried or seen this before so I have no idea if possible or not, but I now guess not!! Lol. Just something I was thinking of trying!!!
  • Thinking about...I did this once. In the old days of free hubs I was up at Tan Hill and my hub gave out. Pawls wouldn't engage and I had to get back to Kendal.

    Solution was to take the front mech gear cable and wrap it between the spokes and the holes in the rear sockets. That effectively locked the rear hub but left the rear mech in working order. Not sure what it did to the spokes!

    It worked for a few miles. Then I had to get off on a hill and a kindly farmer stopped and gave me a lift to Kirkby Stephen where there was a bike shop.

    It was an emergency bodge so it can be done. Not sure if it's a wise thing to do.
  • andyleepandyleep Posts: 6
    Ok, thanks. Will just have to go for a standard fixie then!
  • lesfirthlesfirth Posts: 1,382
    Andy, you have not seen this before because it is a bad idea.What will happen when you stop pedaling or back pedal?
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811
    Erm, you know fixies exist right?

    This won't work 'very well', as soon as you pedal slower than the rear wheel is going you'll pull the mech right forward and loose chain tension in the upper run, you risk dragging the upper jockey into the cassette (not good). However hard you try at somepoint you'll forget and try and freewheel.
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  • andyleepandyleep Posts: 6
    That reasoning is very helpful and explains why it wouldn’t be possible, thanks! I initially didn’t see the issue as I thought it could just be the same principle as a normal fixie, just with multiple cog sizes on the back!!
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