Jammed cable in 6800 rhs shifter

This is probably worth it's own thread. I was having trouble putting in a new gear cable but thanks to people here we eventually managed to get the cable through with the lube liner. But now the end of the new cable has somehow managed to get stuck in the wrong place inside the shifter!

Somehow the cable is wedged up near the top hole, rather than diagonally in the bottom one. Two questions - any idea why that happened? Is there a piece missing from my lever that would have stopped it going there? And how the hell do I get it out (with a very limited tool kit e.g. no drills)?

Thanks again.



  • david37
    david37 Posts: 1,313
    this is a 4 step fix

    1 Make a cup of tea, sit down, look at the stars and chill whilst drinking half of it

    2 time to get to it, it wont fix itself so get in the garage, place your half full mug of tea within reach and peel back the hoods, grab a pick, and push on the cable so it produces slack in the lever. you may find clicking it into the lowest gear exposes the knobble part of the cable. Use the pick to lever the cable out whilst taking care not to gouge and feck up the shifter.

    3 try again to fish it out, have a sip of tea and try again. repeat and then if no further forward drink more tea then unwrap bar tape to expose the cable guide and remove from the lever. Drink more tea. go away and sleep returning the next day

    4 face it with renewed patience and vigour, eventually removing and replacing the by now kinked cable and starting from scratch.

    if the four step process doesn't work, resort to LBS :)

  • mr.b-campag
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    Thanks David :-) I'm not a big tea drinker, but I appreciate the sentiment. I'll think I'll go straight to stage 4 at this point! :smiley: