Is there a difference

Buying my first road bike after riding a hybrid for a few years. I’m between the Trek Domane AL 3 and the Giant Contend 1 (both 2020 models). Any advice/recommendations would be appreciated.


  • arlowood
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    Not much to choose between them. Both have 9 speed Sora drivetrains - however the Contend has an 11-34 cassette compared to the 11-32 on the Trek. If you plan to do a lot of hilly riding then the Contend may suit better although there may be slightly bigger ratio jumps between gears. However the Trek does boast mudguard mounts that will be crucial if you plan to ride the bike year round

    All-in-all though I think you'd be fine with either
  • mrb123
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    Arlowood makes a good point regarding the mudguard mounts.

    If you decide (like many do) to buy a more expensive road bike in a couple of years time then a bike bought now with mounts will become a perfect winter bike.