Deore m615 Caliper Problem

Hi 2.5 weeks ago i bought a deore m615 brake set.

Since then front caliper was loosing oil very slowly, yesterday i checked the bleed nipple and it was not tight so i tried to tighten it to no avail and screw kept spinning.

Then i unscrewed bleed nipple and saw that screw grooves on caliper got damaged also there was no o ring.

Is there a way i can get it to work?


  • photonic69
    photonic69 Posts: 2,353
    You could always go back to the person you bought it from and throttle them with the hoses. Clearly you have been done!

    Sometimes. Maybe. Possibly.

  • The Rookie
    The Rookie Posts: 27,812
    You need a new caliper, not that expensive.
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