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Brake Novice - advice ? (Need more power/extensions?)

Hi Guys - background is, I have a Cuibe aim with stock shimano M395 single pot hydraulic brakes. Due to a medical condition, I don't have much power in my hands, and find braking effectively pretty hard. I was wondering if
a) There are such things as "long" brake levers/extensions which would help me get more power on thje brakes? or
b) Whether I should upgrade the brakes. (I honestly wouldn't know where to stat here .. but aby advice would be helpful. FYI the bike is worth £300 (if that), so I would need to be sensible about buying brake upgrade. Do double pot calipers produce WAY more braking power ? - basically I'm looking for maximum braking for minimum hand "effort" (muscles). Any advice greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards - Mark


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