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Vitus Nucleus 27VR vs Voodoo Bizango 29


I'm an 'older' newbie looking to replace a 25-year old Specialized Rock Hopper, which has served me well.

I've been reading the 'Best Hardtail of the Year' reviews for under £500 and £750 and the Vitus Nucleus 27VR repeatedly wins the <£500 category and the Voodoo Bizango consistently wins the <£750. However, the Vitus is now £550, while the Voodoo remains at £650. Given they are now in the same price bracket for the test, which bike would be better?

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  • mpattsmpatts Posts: 1,010
    If this helps I replaced my 20 year old Inbred with a bizango. Once you add quidco they are sort of the same price, and the service deal halfrauds (which of course, I haven't used) was very good value.

    I'm really happy with the bike, it's night and day better than my inbred.
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