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DIY rocker board

With the whole world sitting indoors on their trainers I am pondering building a DIY rocker board. Has anyone ever made one and if so do you have plans you can share for it?


  • prcodyprcody Posts: 67
    Going by what GP Lama is saying I wont bother with it. I was hoping having one would enable me to get out of the saddle like you would on the road but if it creates a different motion I will leave it be.
  • racerexracerex Posts: 68
    I was playing around with the idea of a rocker but haven't completely thought it through yet. For now, I set up the trainer on a base with a forkmount from an old windtrainer. I never liked having the front wheel on the trainer for some reason. Then I put some casters on the back so I can roll it out of the way easily when not using. With limited home gym space that makes a big difference. I do get out of the saddle quite a bit on the trainer, but you're right it's not the same. I find I rotate my ankle out funny because the bike isn't moving under me.

  • sam_h_1984sam_h_1984 Posts: 14
    there's a great facebook group for this, people share their own builds some even sit on another bed to give a real feel if you push hard.

    not sure i'm allowed to link and would hate to break more rules! but search for rockr on facebook and you'll find a group
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