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28mm upgrade

benalibenali Posts: 47
Cube 2016 LITENING C:62 PRO
Wheels fulcrum racing 55, outside rim width 23.5mm

Firstly will they fit, it looks tight on the back end.
Secondly, is it worth it?
Any advice on this please?


  • david37david37 Posts: 1,313
    there doesnt look a lot of space in there right now. I would guess no they wont fit.
  • benalibenali Posts: 47
    That's a 25mm tyre atm.
    There is 2.75mm clearance in the height direction from the tyre up to the frame brace where the calliper is bolted.
    I'm not sure if a 28 will actually add 3mm to the height of the tyre, c17 wheel btw.
  • david37david37 Posts: 1,313
    try them then. Avoid dirty roads though, there may not be any room for grit or dirt to pass through the arch at the top.
  • I don’t think 28s will give you enough clearance. It all depends on which tyre you fit though. I just fitted 28mm GP5000s to my bike and they aren’t as high as the old 4000s. Height is about 31mm on the 5000s from rim.
  • akhakh Posts: 186
    All else equal expect to add 2-4mm in height going from 25 to 28. That's my experience with GP4000s. It'll vary tyre to tyre, rim to rim, but it will add something. You're already on the limit of sensible clearance, going even lower is asking for trouble.
  • 25mm GP4000S IIs measure ~27mm (similar to Grand Sport Races), 28mm GP5000s apparently measure ~29mm (similar to 4 Seasons).

    I've got a 23mm and 25mm GP5000 to fit on my 17mm internal rim width Hunt Aero Light Disc wheels later in year, I'm expecting them to be ~23.5/25.75mm respectively.
    2020 Voodoo Marasa
    2017 Cube Attain GTC Pro Disc 2016
    2016 Voodoo Wazoo
  • zest28zest28 Posts: 365
    Looks too tight to me.
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