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Giant Anthem 27.5 2016 handle bar grips BOLT SIZE?

odessoukyodessouky Posts: 264
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Afternoon everyone

After a LONG hiatus from cycling due to a dodgy knee, and with the current virus outbreak, I have decided to get the bike out of storage and do daily exercise on it.

It's a Gaint Anthem 27.5 2, from 2016.

It seems I was in the process of changing the grips, and I found the handle bar bare. I found the grips in my tool box, but they are missing the BOLTS?

They are the stock Giant Sole-O Double Lock-On Mountain Bike Handlebar Grips
Like these:

Can someone tell me what size bolt do I need to be able to clamp the grips back on? I am currently cycling just with the bare handle bar.



  • odessoukyodessouky Posts: 264
    would appreciate info on this?
  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,625
    edited 5 April
    I think they are M4 x12mm but just buy some new grips. That will be much easier than trying to source the tiny bolts that are missing from your current grips.
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