Altura Grid Roll-Up Panniers

I have just bought a pair of Altura Grid Roll-Up Panniers. I bought them because they came as a pair and seemed to drop over the rack and would be easy to lift off to carry into a supermarket.

Unless I am missing some tricks the way they are secured with velcro straps makes that more difficult than it ought to be.

My panniers have single length of webbing at the top, not one top ront and one top rear as implied by the drawing with the instruction "Position panniers onto rack and feed webbing through, secure with hook and loop." There are metal loops but no hooks - only velcro on the webbing.

Am I missing something, or has the product changed?

It occurs to me the single top webbing strap could be tensioned and secured with some sort of over-centre hook/buckle.

Any advice?


  • manglier
    manglier Posts: 1,227
    Hook and loop is how to describe Velcro without using the word Velcro.
    Like on Blue Peter years ago sticky back plastic meant Sellotape.
  • labarum
    labarum Posts: 110
    Hook and loop = Velcro. Thanks. Who would have thought it?

    I'll continue to Hoover with my Bosch Vacuum Cleaner!

    It's a funny old world!