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Need help with crankset and BB spacings

Afternoon guys,

Really got into a bit of a fluff about my new build and i was wondering if anyone could help.

I have this frameset

This bottom Bracket

This Crankset (of my old ribble frame) (slightly older model)

Now i have fitted the BB without a hitch, tried to fit crankset and the spindle is waaaaay too long. I bought a whole stack of BB spacers and the spindle is still way too long.

Now im wondering if this crankset is at all compatible with my BB, i cant find any info on compatibility etc.

Help Please!


  • abedfo88abedfo88 Posts: 25
    Its okay i realised i am an idiot and the praxis works crankset will only work with their BB.
  • david37david37 Posts: 1,313
  • abedfo88abedfo88 Posts: 25
    Got the spacings wrong etc etc. Solved by getting a set of fsa gossamer crank arms with my praxis works chain rings planted onto it.

    My praxis works crank doesn't work with the wheels mfg bottom bracket due to differing design philosophy.
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