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Completely random question about trees

Does anyone know what it means if a yellow numbered plastic tag has been hammered into one of the trees on your property? Are my local council planning on savaging it or something like that?


  • First.AspectFirst.Aspect Posts: 12,163
    edited March 2020
    Thanks, yes I found that too. Thing is someone has put one on a tree of mine, on a bow that is very high above the road - is up a 2m high bank, plus tree trunk at least another 1.5 metre, and by the time it is even remotely pointing back towards the road is must be about 5 m above it (they had to reach pretty much over my wall to find a part that was within reach). I'll get out there and measure but I'd be surprised if it was less than the 5.2 m it needs to be.

    I have no idea who put it there and they've not contacted me.

    Could be a zealous neighbour who likes chopping things down.

    Could be a local landowner who wants to get large articulated lorries down the lane.

    Could be the council.

    I would rather have control over what is chopped off than just get home one day to find that an unimaginative contractor has taken far more than is required.
  • ProssPross Posts: 36,428
    If the Council deem it a hazard to the road they have the right under Section 154 of the Highway Act to give the land owner or occupier 14 days notice to cut it back and if you don't they can get it done and charge you for it. As far as I'm aware they can't do it without notifying you. Does it potentially impact on a street light or a beach look in danger of falling off?
  • First.AspectFirst.Aspect Posts: 12,163
    Helpful, thanks. No, its just a goat willow and it is healthy. I can only think it is a height thing.
  • ProssPross Posts: 36,428
    Doesn't sound like it should be based on your estimated heights. The standard minimum headroom of a bridge is only 5.1m.
  • First.AspectFirst.Aspect Posts: 12,163
    Who knows. I'm only guessing really. It was a yellow label so could be that red means it needs to be cut or something and yellow is just someone at the council justifying their existence by keeping tabs on it for the next 20 years.

    It is also against a stone wall and pushing it out. But it hasn't moved appreciably in the decade we've been here. So could have been a "won't last as long as Hadrian's wall" assessment.

    Main thing is that I will have warning, which has put my mind at rest.
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