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Hanging mountain bikes outside with cover OR hanging in a shed?

omarmomarm Posts: 73
We are short of space for keeping mountain bikes in our shed.
I came up with a great idea: hang the bikes on the side of the house outside.

I'm not quite sure how best to do.
What cover should I buy?
I would need to have a hole that goes through the cover - this then exposes the bike to the outside weather and drops of rain will get inside?

It's hard to explain... but the best location I can put the bikes in... will have a garden shed roof over it directly! So rain WILL fall on!

Just playing with ideas right now.

The other idea: Hang inside the shed?
The only problem is that the shed is a wooden shed...
So... hanging might not be a good idea?
A standing frame of some sort sounds like a good idea - but they take up loads of space!

Looking to store 2 large size, 1 small size mountain bikes and 1 kids bike.

Any suggestions would be great.



  • singletonsingleton Posts: 1,648
    I hang my bike inside using some double hooks:
    Even if you can keep all rain off the bike, being outside permanently will make it susceptible to damp, condensation and other forms of moisture.
  • omarmomarm Posts: 73
    @singleton do you have a wooden shed? 🙂
    I was just concerned the wood would simply break
  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,357
    I hang mine in a wooden shed. I reinforced it by buying a few heavy wooden planks, screwing those into the frame of the shed and attaching the hooks to those. It's utterly solid. The shed was good quality to start with though.
  • singletonsingleton Posts: 1,648
    I screwed the hooks into the side of one of the strongest beams I could find.
    Mine are road / cycle-cross bikes so the heavier of the two is only about 10-11Kg.
  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,025
    If you hang the bike outside where it is visible, it will get stolen unless you spend a huge amount on security. You will need a proper ground anchor to fasten the chain to. But be aware that they don't take too well into brick because the expanding steel Rawlbolts are 20mm diameter and will fracture the bricks (which are part hollow) when they expand. The thief will attack the weakest point and they may just carry away the bike and the chain all in one go if what the chain is fastened to is weak. Best bolted into concrete. Don't bother with an ordinary impact drill with a key driven chuck, you need an SDS type drill.
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