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Novice seeking purchase advice

So 20 years ago I rode a fair amount. Never been on the cutting edge of equipment, but really loved being on the trail. I had a hardtail aluminum Raliegh of some kind and it fit the bill back then. I've been doing a bit of trail running lately and realizing how much I miss mountain biking. I need a bike and don't want to overspend right out of the gates considering I'm just re-entering the sport. Some info:

- I'll be riding in North Georgia
- Realistically will probably only ride 3-4 times a month
- I'm 49 years old, 6'2", 190lbs and in very good shape
- I'd like to spend under $1000 on a bike, and we'll go from there if I end up really getting back into it again

Do I go with a new bike like something on this list?

Or do I buy an older used bike from an enthusiast who likely took care of it, such as this:

That used Cannondale is local to me. Is it a good deal? I'm guessing I don't need full suspension in GA, but is it any kind of hinderance on your average trail?

Thanks for any and all advice you may have!
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