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Which Hardtail?

Looking at picking up a hardtail for general fitness use, gravel tracks and maybe a bit a trail use like Cannock Chase once I get into it, haven't used a bike for a while.

Looking around £750-900 as a max range budget

From reading around on the forums and internet, I've come up with these below. I don't really have a preference for 27.5 or 29er, so there is a mix here. Whytes appear to have the weakest brake system from reviews comments, although probably sufficient for my use.


£760 (£899 15%off)

£760 (£899 15% off)

£850 (£999 15%off)



  • justinbrownjustinbrown Posts: 2
    edited March 2020
    I know the Cube and Calibre have dropper posts maybe it would be nice to have.

    Also it seems people don't really like square bottom brackets or are less well regarded, I can't find any info if the Whytes do. The 2019 801 review says it does however unsure on the 2020.

    Other things people seem to prefer are through bolts. Do the model listed here have front and rear or just front? (I can see the Calibre has both)

    Is the Calibre tubeless ready?
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