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Frame locks πŸ” any good?

MicatropolisMicatropolis Posts: 10
edited March 2020 in Parts
Hi new here, how is it going? I am a bicycle courier and was considering on cutting some time off my deliveries by investing in a horse show type frame lock that the Dutch apparently love so much which lock the back wheel up but came to the conclusion that even if you fitted it inside the rear seat stays and locked the wheel you would still be able to unscrew the lock πŸ”’ and still get the wheel out though the drop outs lock stock and barrel.
Any thoughts?, am I just better off carrying a secondary D lock for the wheel?


  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    You can still walk off with the bike or throw it in a van ?
    Get a cheap but serviceable bike. Throw on bombroof tyres - Marathon Plus. Locking skewers. Nobody will bother stealing a wheel whilst you're on a delivery. Obv don't leave it outside for a long period.
  • Just saw this and I tried them did not really like them but love πŸ’• my 28’s Grand Prix from seasons. And am building a Titanium Lynskey with the locking skewers and covering it with old rubber inners. But I am trying to save on time by locking the wheel and chaining the front wheel and frame to a solid object like a cycle rack instead of carrying around a secondary lock as time is of the essence. A fellow rider had one and I thought the same, but the main issue is that surely you can just un screw it from the frame and feed the lock and wheel lock stock and barrel and the rear stays if say you have a Β£4K Conpagnolo wheel which kind of defeats its purpose. I know some have a separate chain cable part in the upper housing to lock the frame but still I am just thinking what you said; it is just I really do not want stealing my expensive rear wheel and was wondering if I am in fact right that you could just unscrew the thing and steal the wheel?
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