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TrainerRoad and Zwift

Hi, been using trainerroad for several years and just signed up to Zwift for virtual club rides etc. (for hopefully obvious reasons).

Currently have TR set to autosync to Strava, and Zwift not connected to Strava. However, I'd like to have some Zwift rides go to Strava, but I want to avoid uploading the same ride twice (from Zwift and TR) and then having to manually delete one.

For most of the time I expect to follow the TR plan and use Zwift as background, and I would prefer to keep uploading TR to Strava for those. But for group rides, I'd prefer to have Zwift uploading to Strava.

Anyone got any good suggestions?



  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,681
    Don't have TR running for the group rides obviously. After that, there's a couple of options:

    1. Have Zwift connected to Strava. At the end of every ride you have the option to either save or discard, just click discard for rides you don't want to sync.
    2. More of a PITA - Zwift saves the FIT files to your device, which can be uploaded to Strava manually if you don't want to connect Zwift to Strava at all.
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