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Giant Halfway - anyone have one?

Does anyone have one of the wonderfully designed Mike Burrows Giant Halfway? I'm looking to either buy one or if someone has one they don't want to sell, then some detailed photos.

Your help is much appreciated! Cheers...


  • djhepdjhep Posts: 13
    Hi Jonathan.....
    I have a Giant Halfway that i used for 5 years on an oil terminal in Nigeria.
    It was my get about transport, but was also used as my training bike for daily 10 mile lunch time ride, and 30 mile weekly ride.
    It took some serious abuse on baaaaad roads, and the only thing that caused problems over approx 14k km was the hinge which got a bit loose over time.

    I would definitely recommend it as a very good city bike, having 8 gears and ability to fold up quite small for transporting on trains etc.

    I still have it, as i brought it home with me to fix up, but i intend keeping it for use when i finally get myself retired (which could be quite soon the way the oil price is at the moment :smile: ).

    All the best.


  • Hi Dave, thanks for your detailed reply - much appreciated. It's great to hear how well it's lasted after so many miles! Sounds like it's been a really valuable little bike to own.

    I'm really interested to understand how the interaction between the rear wheel, drive side chain-stay and cassette are engineered. It's a neat piece of engineering having only the one chain stay. I imagine in all those miles you've probably had the rear wheel off a few times! If you do have the time, would it be possible to take some photographs of that area, with and without the wheel and maybe describe the construction?

    I'm not sure where you're based (I'm in St Albans, Herts) but during other times it would of course have been easier to come and have a look myself, unless you're based in Scotland, which may be the case if you're in the oil industry!

    My email address is my username then

    Many thanks, Jon
  • djhepdjhep Posts: 13
    Hi John.....
    It was definitely a good little bike and for what i paid at the time was a bit of a bargain compared to some of the other fold ups available. It also rode suprisingly well.

    Yes i am in the oil industry, and am unfortunately locked down on a terminal in the Nigeria Delta at the moment. We have no idea when we will get out of here, but to be honest we are doing ok. We are still on pay, and food isn't a problem so all good.
    Also i still get to ride my bike every day :)

    The bike is now in Spain, so for the foreseeable future i am unable to take any pictures.
    The rear wheel, swing arm assembly is fairly basic, and the strength comes from a hefty axle and a modified wheel hub.

    I'm going to delve through some pics on my hard drive and see if i can find any pics that might be useful.

    Anyhow Jon, hope you are surviving your own lockdown, and have a great day ahead.


  • Hi Dave, thanks for your reply. It is a good value bike indeed and something pretty unique. That doesn't sound too much fun being locked down in your place of work, although if they're looking after you then it isn't all bad!

    I imagine the hub and axle played a big part and that they probably weren't standard, although the cassette looks pretty standard, so I imagined the free hub body shouldn't be too different. If you do come across some photos, that would be much appreciated.

    All okay here for the moment thanks. Keep safe and keep riding! Take care,

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