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Cup & Cone bearings - Shimano RS80

NaayNaay Posts: 2
Nothing major I am just curious :D

During regular maintenance of my wheels I noticed this on the cones. This is not in indent, more like a bulge out (second photo is more apparent). You can feel it with your nail. It is on BOTH sides of the hub, left and right. The wheel is/was fine, was doing regular maintenance, can remember seeing this before but honestly never looked.

I cant imagine this being normal, how could it happen? Manufacturing defect?

Photos are left and right side of the front hub.

After careful examination I have also noticed that the wheel axle is slightly bent or at least the hub is spinning a bit off center on the axis - only on the left side (cca. 0.5-1mm) The bearings were replaced and re-lubed, cups were adjusted perfectly, the wheel has no play and spins like it should.


  • me-109me-109 Posts: 1,531
    It's not on the bearing surface so won't affect its running. Most probably assembly tooling marks.
  • NaayNaay Posts: 2
    Ah I understand, thank you.
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