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Pedal removal/Hollow tech crankshaft

Hello is there anybody who can advise me on were and which crankset (hollow tech) I should buy for my Boardman MX sport(2016/7) I have just bought and fitted a new chain and sprockets but cannot in any way remove my bent and rusty pedals(any advise appreciated as I have tried diesel/fire/wd40/and spanner wrecking to no avail)
so I decided on a new crankset when after removal I found to my surprise to be no longer square but hollow tech after revision I am 52 and been cycling and repairing bikes all my life but I am after buying a crankset on Amazon and returning it because not hollow tech a little baffled at which model I could purchase. The original is a twin ring but a single ring would be fine as I am capable of gear cable tuning etc..
Any advice appreciated model Boardman MX sport


  • david37david37 Posts: 1,313
    any road hollowtech 2 crank should fit. theyre expensive to buy as a crank set alone and you might even get a deal on a whole105 groupset at the moment and be able to resell everything else on ebay
  • poptart242poptart242 Posts: 531
    As David37 says, any hollowtech 2 will do you. If you need one I have a couple of R7000 105 ones about that I need to get rid of - what length and chainrings do you need?
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