New wheel upgrade, worthwhile? Which one?

I bought a Specialized Tarmac last summer and I’m now currently looking to upgrade the wheels to carbon. In your opinion is this a worthwhile upgrade and if you had a budget of £1300 what would you buy. I’m currently considering the Roval CL50 and the Zipp 302. Thanks


  • rwoofer
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    I really rate the CL50s - light and fast for the price.
  • nax-ian
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    Check out Pacentis
  • dannbodge
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    I've got the CL50s on my Tarmac.
    They are the best wheels for the price imo.
    Light, very good warranty and DT hubs.
  • Roval wheels have one flaw - tubeless tyres dont stay seated without air. This can lead to problems if you flat (it pointless plugging) and sealant refill can become a faff if the old dried up sealant stops the tyre inflating. Ifr your only ever going to use inner tubes than the roval wheels are fine. If your are or hope to try tubeless tyres then simply dont bother and by a wheel with a rim with a bead lock feature.
  • froze
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    I would go with the Zipps, they are very robust wheelset and will hold up for a very long time, and because they're so well made they hold their used value better than any other set of wheels.

    Or you could take a gander at Fulcrum Racing Zero carbon DB, I think they cost about $100 more than the Zips, but is the price worth it? Beats me! I think I would lean toward the Zipps? probably.
  • singleton
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    I got a tarmac expert disc at the end of last year and put some CL50's on it. I looked around at a number of options and they seemed like a great option for the price (1100) and a riding friend rates his highly. I haven't ridden it enough yet to actually give you an opinion yet, waiting for some better weather.