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Speedplay pedals

I have a couple of pairs of Speedplay Frogs and X2s. They’re getting long in the tooth, with the bearings obviously getting worn-but I still love them and rate them highly.
I ordered some bearings for both and then took the plunge, dismantled them, cleaned, relubed and reassembled them. The Frogs were a doddle and took only 15 minutes for the pair, the X2s a little more involved but again straightforward.
For minimal expenditure it feels like I’ve a new set of pedals. I encourage people who like Speedplays, but get annoyed about the cost of the official spares to try this route.


  • david37david37 Posts: 1,313
    Excellent idea Louis.

    Given most of us are going to be in some kind of restricted movement over the next few months, it's also a cheap bit of entertainment . There is a lot of fun to be had learning how to maintain rather than throw away.

  • Yep, I've always just lubed my several pairs of Zero's with the lube gun for the last few years, but recently stripped a pair right down and gave them a full service. Very simple- took about 15 minutes. I stopped short of trying to prise the in-board needle bearing out, but the other outboard bearings were easy. Despite SP claiming these inboard bearings aren't meant to be removed, Youtube channels would suggest otherwise.

    Ebay or sites like are apparently good for tuning and/ or spares (although I've not tried them yet)
  • I did prize out the needle bearing. It’s not bonded it at all. There’s an almost invisible snap ring which I used a pick to remove and then tapped it out. Really straightforward when you realise there’s a snap ring!!!!
  • david37david37 Posts: 1,313
    I love a hidden snap ring, NOT :)
  • It’s inclusion seems solely to make people think they can’t remove that bearing and therefore force them to buy a pedal body kit when overhauling rather than a simple bearing. Mean spirited of Speedplay I think.
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