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What rigid mountain bike?


I've not had a mountain bike for a long time. Early 90s I had a Raleigh Peak, quickly followed by the amazing (well I loved it) 1994 Saracen Kili Comp and finally a Merlin 853 with Rock Shock's (didn't rate it).

I went for a number of years without a bike then bought a Genesis Equilibrium 853 in 2014 which I love.

Now in retirement and missing doing some light off road stuff I want (need) a bike which will give me a ride similar to my rigid, lively, springy Saracen Kili Comp.

I don't want any suspension, just a rigid bike.

I don't want aluminium or carbon, just good quality steel.

I want a decent mix of gears so I can get to a reasonable speed on the road, whist my days of trying to climb silly steep sections are a distant dream.

Wheel sizes, it was 26" back then though I'm not unhappy to look at other sizes if they do the job.

Any recommendations? I'm happy to look at both new and more modern second hand, not sure I want to be chasing retro parts.

I hope you can make sense of my ramblings.

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