What do we think - 32mm cx style tyres?

johngti Posts: 2,508
So this is the front fork clearance on my Giant Contend. Having upgraded the wheels, I have the original Giant SR2 going spare complete with disc rotors and the original tyres etc. Preferred option is to flog them but assuming they don’t sell, does the hive mind think I could fit some gravel/cx tyres on? The picture shows hunt wheels with 28mm conti gp5000tl.



  • whyamihere
    whyamihere Posts: 7,699
    I would say no. You may just be able to fit 32mm slicks in there, but it looks like that would be very tight. Add the knobs and enough space for mud/stones and you're going to be hitting the crown.
  • johngti
    johngti Posts: 2,508
    Yeah you’re probably right
  • drummer_boy
    drummer_boy Posts: 236
    I run 30mm G-One Speeds on my do it all bike. Great for light weight off road use. Fast on road as well.