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Are my chainrings worn?

are My chainrings worn out.
I now have 2400 km with the same cassette, chain and chainrings.
My chain has been worn out for a while and I just kept on driving.
Now I am going to install a new cassette and chain.
But do my chainrings need to be replaced yet?
I mainly use the middle chainring.
I can pull my old chain off my chainring.
My new chain just a little


  • The middle one does indeed look twunted.
  • awaveyawavey Posts: 2,368

    The middle one does indeed look twunted.

    yes, it would have been almost better to not say which chainring was ridden in most, and let us guess :)

    Id have thought it would slip with a new chain if you put power down, and if its doing that, its time to replace
  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 25,293 Lives Here
    I’m not sure it’s that bad. Looking at the teeth towards the bottom of the picture they’re not pointed. Different teeth have different profiles to help shifting.
    Ride the bike, if the chain slips I’m wrong.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,481
    Personally I'd run it with new chain and cassette and see how it went. Doesn't appear to be to bad.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • focuszing723focuszing723 Posts: 3,413
    edited March 2020
    As most people have said 'if it works ok', chains are cheap anyway if you're worried about wear. If you have the time though, have a hunt around on the internet for the chainrings you want, triples aren't as popular now so you may find some at a great price and get that piece of mind.
  • Charlie_CrokerCharlie_Croker Posts: 1,482
     TBH the picture above is a bit small/low resolution to see clearly (at least for me). You say you “can pull my old chain off my chainring” – can you pull the new chain off the chainring?

     What you (OP) could do with the aid of a friend, is move the new chain onto the suspect (centre) chainring and to a fairly low gear on the back cassette. If you don’t have access to a set of rollers use a wall/fence to hold onto and stand on the pedals moving slowly forward. While you (or the friend) observe the chain on the chainring (you’ll need to do this from the non-drive side) and maybe even take a snapshot/video. If the new chain rises up out of the base of the chainring it’s probably best to source a replacement, if your still not sure you can double check it by moving the chain onto one of the other chainrings and comparing.

     Just a thought while I was sitting here having a cuppa waiting for the rain to stop

     By-the-way taking the centre chainring off and turning around is not normally an option as they have guides built into them to help the chain move from chainring to chainring, therefore they only work correctly in one direction ;)
  • Outer and inner are nice a spikey so quite worn.
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