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Dolan Scala build

I recently got a Dolan Scala frame on FB marketplace for a ridiculous low price. My plan was to use it as a single speed commuter. I've been using it like this now for 6 months and it's a waste of the frames potential.
I've started buying the ultegra components to put the gears back on the frame.
When I got the frame all the cabling had been removed and I'm now looking for someone who can send me a picture of the gear cabling paths.
As I understand it; they enter the frame behind the headset and travel down the tube towards the bottom bracket. Then it's a mystery.
There are a pair of holes on the underside of the down tube that don't appear to have any function. I think I'm missing the grommet for the front derailleur.
Can anybody help with some pictures.

Many thanks

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