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I would like to get a new bike and will be using it to get to and from work and also sometimes just ride around the city.
as i live in Israel there is very low selection of bike brands available as far as i checked.
I found that i would need a bike size L and '27.5 At least tires size.
Here are basically what i found from the online stores here:
Bike #1 - not sure if size L
Bike #2 - not sure if size L
Bike #3 - Size L.
Bike #4 - Size L.
Bike #5 - Size L.
Bike #6 - Size L.
Bike #7 - not sure if size L

That's pretty much all the normal ones that seems fine i could find online here. Will check on some local stores without a website but i believe it will be similar to these.
Sorry for the bad sites as i had to translate them to English to try to help you a bit better.
I don't want to spend much since I'm going to use it to go to work and from work and sometimes just ride NOT in mountain tracks or so.
Hope i did post this in the right place, If not im sorry and would like to get your assistance. :)