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Bearing Press that will do BB and Headsets?

4xsama4xsama Posts: 25
Hi All,

Does anyone know if there is a bearing press available which will do a BB and head set bearing. My bike has;

- Headset: Acros Ai70 headset
- Bottom Bracket: SRAM pressfit GXP BB 86.5 mm

I believe I would also need a tool to remove the BB bearings. Park do the;

BBT-30.4 & Bottom Bracket


BBT-90.3 & Bottom Bracket

I thought I needed the BB-90.3 but not 100% sure.

I'm hoping to but a press which will do the bearings no both bikes so I don't have to go to the LBS each time I need to replace.



  • jeffbwoodjeffbwood Posts: 53
    In answer to the bearing press, I use a Cyclus headset press for both. I bought the headset press years ago and so the only thing I had to buy in addition to this for using with the BB was the correct drifts for the type of BB cups; in my case Campagnolo ultra torque.

    The key thing is to ensure that the threaded bar diameter of whichever press you go for is the same as the hole diameter on the drift.

    It works very well and would recommend Cyclus tools in general. Have a look on auction sites as there's quite often someone selling.
  • schlepcyclingschlepcycling Posts: 1,561
    Park do the HHP-2 which does both headset and bottom bracket
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  • david37david37 Posts: 156
    edited 10 March
    the wheels mfring press is good for this. its a standard size bar so buy the wheels headset press and two BB press adapters and that would meet your need. The adapters are stepped with every size BB catered for on each adapter(except the craphole known as DUB).

    Dont get the pro set unless you want to spend more than you need. the only difference is brass inserts in the handle. (very very nice). Alternately you can buy the wheels Mfring BB kit which also includes extractors for all the press fit bearings. This also allows you to drive the bearings out smoothly rather than using a hammer.

    The alternative way is to get on ebay and buy a £15 slide hammer kit.

    Ive got the park stuff and the Wheels kit and the wheels gets used all the time, its easier to handle due to it being a fraction of the weight. Both do the job very well.

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