Bike computer for other sports

We're off Skiing soon (not northern italy ... )

I can run strava on my watch - although it would kill the battery ...
I can (obviously) run strava on my phone - although it kills the battery and I have to keep getting it out ...
or I could take the bike GPS with me .. but is this just another thing to have to charge ...


  • davep1
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    If you take the bike GPS, won't you have to keep looking at that too? And it will mess yo your cycling stats on Strava, if that's important to you.
    I've just bought a Polar Indigo watch, which would sort of do what your devices do above, I couldn't find a Ski activity on a quick flick through the menus but there might be one there. I bought it mainly for the fitness side of things, but haven't got anywhere near working them out yet.
    I've looked at loads of smart watches and hybrids, a lot of them want a charge every day, and for me that is just one too many gadgets that needs thinking about charging too often. I was originally attracted by the ability to change the watch face on the screen, so went for Amazfit Pace. It was brilliant for a year, for the cost of £50, then it died.
    Garmin and Polar make lots of watches that will do this kind of thing, but most of them are £200- £500.
  • kingstongraham
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    It won't mess up your cycling stats on strava if you set the activity type to skiing.

    I'd have thought it would just be a pain in the bum for no great value to record them on strava. I recorded one day on my Garmin watch when I went year before last, and left it recording all the time, but the rest of the time just let Google maps stalk me as usual to show where I'd been.
  • fenix
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    Why do you want this ?
  • slowbike
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    Why do I want to? Because it's interesting (for 5 minutes) to see where I've been and how fast (slow) I went.
    Yes I do run an iPhone - battery is crap though - it won't last all day on Strava - whereas my 820 with battery save mode will ... I could just chuck it in my pocket/backpack and leave it going. Or someone may have said that it's got an amazing app that shows me when to turn ... but I doubt it....

    I just know that I'll probably leave it at home, then get up the first lift and say "I wish I'd brought my garmin ... "
  • joeyhalloran
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    You can get a wrist strap for a Garmin, I used to use the brick-lick Edge 800 for running.

    I always avoided taking a Garmin skiing, I knew I'd end up trying to beat my top speed and that would end up badly for me.
  • slowbike
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    oxoman said:

    Easy answer then SB, take the Garmin and hope it doesn't go rogue like they have a tendency to do. You need to get spending though, seriously censored phone and gps. :(

    go rogue? Nah - it's pretty good ...
    Not spending yet - my iPhone's lasted 2 years ... it's got a bit more life left yet.