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Steerer tube bearings problem

asmmar666asmmar666 Posts: 1
Hi, there!
I've got a Triban RC500 bike from Decathlon.
The bearings in the bottom of the steerer tube got a bit worn out and rusty and I wanted to replace them, since the bike has a standard 11/8" fork I got 5/32 ball cage bearings from Halfords only to realise they were slightly too wide to fit in.
Now I'm not sure what sort of bearings am I to look for
The original balls in the bike are slightly smaller than in the 5/32 set I got from Halfords, there are also 25 balls in the bike compared to 22 from Halfords.
On the bike on the rubber seal that covers the bearings I've noticed writing -VP MODUS 25.4 x 45 °-
I've cleaned my bearings and put it all in but I'm lost at what I am to look for
The inside diameter of the original bearings is around 31mm and outside is around 39mm.
Any help appreciated.


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