Snow Foam

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Has anyone used snow foam to clean their bike?

Most are ph neutral but should I avoid using on matt carbon, components, brake track etc...


  • david37
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    a bucket with hot soapy water (washing up liquid is fine) rinse well. blah blah salt blah blah corrosion.

    Seriously a squirt of washing up liquid in a bucket of hot water is all you need. The rest is marketing and/or playing to irrational fears
  • Fastidious car nuts (like me :-) use snow foam on car paintwork as a non contact means of getting dirt and grit off without creating swirl marks. If you have a glossy finish on your bike and it is very dirty there might be a case for using snow foam and the Bilt Hamber brand is a good choice. Generally though I would say just a preliminary rinse with a low pressure garden hose would be good enough to get any grit off. Follow with warm water and decent quality car shampoo applied with a microfibre cloth before rinsing again. Good car shampoos are pH neutral and leave a protective layer that discourages dirt adhering to the finish. Muc Off Bike Spray is even better but you have to be careful to avoid getting it on braking surfaces. For disc brakes, cover with a plastic bag and for rim brakes, just take the wheels off.
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    I've snow foam for the car to remove the big bits as already said. But for the bike I use hose pipe to rinse, 50% muc off and born to be mild car shampoo. Soap feels silky and smells great :smile:
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    Car shampoo mixed to the right volumes in a spray bottle foams up plenty, not as much as snow foam but more than enough for the job.
    As its a matt finish I think the washing is as normal but if you want to add a polish you need a specific matt polish, should be a few brand options about.