TT bike second hand: buy older model cheap, older model with upgrades or newer with nothing

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Hello everyone,

I am maybe looking for a TT bike on the second hand market.
As you already know, there are a lot of them. A lot of brands/models and a lot of options (or lack thereof).
I am looking at the 1000€ range (which is pretty much the lower end), so no expensive bikes, really trying to have the best value for money.
As an extra information: I am riding a 2010 bike and really don't mind.
I came across DI2 and find it maybe useful for TT bike (hilly here if I want to train outside sometimes), but not that I couldn't sleep at night if I don't have it. Will be used for competition only so wheels could come in handy.

1.Older and cheap without options.
For around 800€ I can have a bike from around 2005-2010. Cervelo P2, Cube Aerium, etc...
It's with training wheels (sometimes without wheels at all) and 105. It has been ridden and shows some signs of usage, but in the end I maybe don't care.

2. Newer and expensive without options.
For around 1200€ I can have very recent bike, around 2017- 2018. Cervelo P2, Canyon Aeroad, ...
Same principle: with training wheels and 105. More recent, looks sometimes a bit better, less signs of usage.

3. Older and expensive with options.
For around the same price, 1200€ I can have an old bike (2005-2008ish). Cervelo P3, Bianchi Crono, ... but with upgrades.
I am talking about DI2 and wheels (88/60). Ex or injured pro athletes stuff or people that upgrade their bikes along the way.

Which one represents the best value for money according to the cycling (gear) guru's here?

Thanks in advance!


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    Whichever one fits you best. A new one with a bike fit probably easiest ?